Vegas baby Vegas!

Hi guys, Its hmsnicolas and in less than two weeks Im going to Vegas! I cannot wait because im going to eat at a famous steakhouse and they have amazing sandwiches. I never went there, but my dad told me their sandwiches are the bomb! I will devour that sandwich like I never have before […]

School is almost over!

Hi, guys its hmsnicolas this is the last week until next school year for when I do my posts regular again. This week will be 3 posts and thats it. After is summertime! I hope you guys have a good summer too. Otherwise, let’s get started. Ah, School. This has been an up and down […]

My favorite band

Hi, guys its hmsnicolas and today I will talk about my favorite band. I like old bands so you might not know them, just look it up and I think you will like them. And remember this is my opinion, so if you like a different band, comment down below on who your favorite band […]

My favorite candy

Hi, guys its hmsnicolas and today I will talk about my favorite candy. Remember this is just my opinion. You have your favorite candy, but this is mine. I hope I can convince you to eat this candy. I hope you enjoy! My favorite candy is Hershey’s chocolate and lets me tell you why. This […]

My life planed out

Hi its hmsnicolas and I have planned my life out. I hope you enjoy. Oh and also, I am not sure if this will pan out but,this is my guess. And comment below on what your life is going to be about. Other than that, let’s get this show on the road. After Hongwanji I […]

Gucci is the best

Hi guys hmsnicolas and today I will talk about Gucci. I hope you enjoy! But, before I start this off,im sorry that I did not post for the past month. I had to do a lot of work and I had no time to blog. But, this week I am doing 4 posts. So, I […]

Old fashion songs

Hi, guys its hmsnicolas and today I will talk about old fashion songs. These songs are based on the 1900s to the 1990s. I will not be adding 2000s because those songs are a little bit recently. And, this is just my opinion on what songs I liked in this century. So, I am sorry if […]

My amazing dogs

Hi, its hmsnicolas and today I will talk about my 2 dogs. Hope you enjoy as always. Ah, my dogs. They can be annoying but cute at the same time. I have 2 dogs. One named chisai and one named wookie. They are both cute, but I like wookie better. I love them both the […]

The exotic and regular cars

Hi, its Hmsnicolas and today we will talk about cars. Hope you enjoy   If you know me, you know I love cars. I love all the expensive ones like the Lamborghinis and the Ferrari and so on. I also love trucks because if you own one, you feel like a man. Well, that’s what my […]

My cowboys and their incredible season

Hi, guys its hmsnicolas and today I want to talk about my cowboys amazing season. I hope you enjoy   Ah, the Dallas Cowboys. My favorite team in the NFL has finally won a playoff game. How did they do it? well, let me tell you. The Cowboys were not supposed to make it to […]